Voyages of the Imagination - 2010

Palm House Gallery‚Ä®
Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
12 - 24 August 2010

Voyages of the Imagination theme explored the insightful journeys travelled or imagined into illusion or reality. ATASDA members, inspired by the textile exhibition theme, ‘travelled’ into and through realms of the familiar and sometimes the unfamiliar resulting in exploration, questioning and, at times, challenges of perceptions of the textile and fibre arts.

ATASDA has a history going back over 35 years and in recent years it has regained its vitality and now represents some of the foremost textile artists in Australia. The association actively supports those members who aspire to express their art through textiles, offering the opportunity to exhibit their work within the public arena.

The diversity of works on display was stunning to say the least, supported by one overseas gentleman who stated he 'organises his business trips to Australia around this event'. The visual cohesiveness of artworks and continuity created by the response to the theme allowed ATASDA members to present a professional exhibition once again at the Palm House Gallery in 2010.

Exhibitions in the Palm House Gallery showcase textile and fibre art to a fresh new audience as evidenced by members amazing sales of larger artworks and interest shown in larger art pieces.




The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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