QLD Challenge - March 2011

The Universal Symbol

The Challenge

Communication is based on symbols which form language; they can also represent concepts or relationships between concepts. Unlike signs, which point to something clearly and literally, symbols often have several layers or variations of meaning which can have profound and complex significance.

Universal symbols can resonate with us as human beings and impact directly with our sub-conscious. Images which incorporate these types of symbols are powerful; embodying the essence or idea of a concept. They travel directly to the emotional or sub-conscious, the message being delivered with great impact. When you see symbols such as the 'Peace' symbol, the 'Star of David' or 'Yin and Yang', do they tell a whole 'story' or describe a 'state of being' in your mind?

Challenging our members for the March meeting, we ask that you create a piece based on or inspired by a Universal Symbol. Your artwork can comprise any materials and can be made using any technique/s. A short statement to accompany your artwork, describing your use or interpretation of the symbol of your choosing, will be appreciated.


$30 TAFTA Book Voucher (thank you to Janet De Boer for providing this prize)


Member's Choice: Tricia Smout

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Ann AllenAnne RaganBetty BullCarolyn Minto
Elaine ManwaringKaroline CummingMargie CreekNoeleen Flemming
Tricia Smout



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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