The Challenge

Some dictionaries describe the word vivid as meaning ‘strong, striking clear images’ and adopting this meaning, we displayed our "vivid" pieces on our display at the Textile Arts Festival held in June of 2011.

The musical ‘Wicked’ is currently wowing Brisbane audiences. To play off this fascination for mystical escapism, we would like your A4 size, unframed wall pieces to be bold, brilliantly coloured works which depict images of a place, a creature or item of your wild imagination. Artworks can be created using any type of fibre, so of course cellulose fibres (such as paper) are also included in the multitude of textile treasures which are available.

Embellishments may be applied but the piece must be robust enough to travel and to withstand packing/unpacking and handling between the June meeting and their return to you. Delicate attachments are not suitable. Your name and contact telephone number must show on the back of the work (either directly or on a label).

Our aim was to display our member’s talents in such eye catching hues that no one would pass our area without looking twice!


$30 TAFTA Book Voucher (thank you to Janet De Boer for providing this prize) - awarded at the June Branch Meeting
$100 Viewers Choice Prize - Awarded at the Textile Art Festival, based on votes from the public.


Viewers Choice: Felicity Clarke


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The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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