Out of the Blue

Palm House Gallery
Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, 14 - 26 August 2008

Out of the Blue gave ATASDA members the opportunity to exhibit at the magnificent venue of the Palm House Gallery, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Palm House is a showcase for the Association, a chance for members to hang work in a gallery in a supportive environment and to expose fibrearts to the public and peers. Sixty-eight members from Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales exhibited 90 works over 13 days.

This venue is particularly effective in promoting fibre arts to those who have not been exposed to them previously, as many visitors to Sydney "happen upon" the exhibition as they explore this beautiful part of the city.


Cecilia Heffer, Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, opened the exhibition with some very insightful comments on fibrearts, exhibitions and ATASDA, followed by smashing through a "chocolate wonderment" made by Briar Toose. ATASDA members were very appreciative of Cecilia's efforts, especially considering the short notice (Lindie Ward, Senior Curator, Powerhouse Museum, had been advertised as our speaker, but unfortunately was not able to attend).

Out of the Blue was a wonderful success, enjoyed by thousands of visitors.

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The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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