Diane Groenewegen

I love to teach and inspire others.

I am inspired by all the ephemera I have collected over the last 40 years. Collecting is an important aspect of my being - I have always done this. Starting early from tiny scraps of fabric from my mother's dressmaking to beetles wings found after the Christmas season. As a small child I imagined the beautiful creations I wanted to make from these precious objects.
There are fabrics, lace, buttons, costumes, aprons, braids, wooden cotton reels and lots more. From the simple and domestic to the precious and unusual. The idea of transforming these objects into a new art form gives me no end of pleasure and feeling of accomplishment. Giving new life to something that has been cast aside. The collections are my inspiration as well as the materials I use to create with.
I endeavour to capture a 'look', a 'feel' or an 'atmosphere' from the past or from my imagination.
The use of pattern and colour really interests me - as can be seen in ancient costumes, embroideries, printed & woven cloth and in architectural detail.
I enjoy printmaking - I love the repetitive nature and developing of a pattern from printmaking. I first discovered this at high school and went on to do my major work for the leaving certificate in screen printing. (I still have this printed cloth from 1962!)
After school I studied at the National Art School and specialised in screen printing and design. Later in the mid 1970's I studied art education at Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education.
I love to teach and inspire others. To help them to find their own images and ideas and to have confidence to make their mark. For over 40 years I have taught in primary and high schools, colleges, quilt and textile groups and museums. I have also self-published three books in the last two years. I have exhibited my artwork since the 1970’s in single and group shows both in Australia and overseas.
I am happy to travel anywhere in Australia to teach. Classes include "Gold, gold, gold - fabric embellishment", "Foils", "Vintage fabric collage" and "Printmaking". 

Contact: dianegroenewegen@gmail.com

My Work

Desert Dreaming

This quilt is on the cover of ‘Contemporary Quilting' by Hatchet Publications

This quilt was purchased by the publisher.

Materials used. 30 different coloured Dupion silk strips.

All hand stitches together in a ‘lap and add method’, then hand quilted and embroidered with DMC twisted pearl embroidery threads.

Forms of Attachment

Purchased and featured in 'Contemporary Quilting' publication.

Materials - Cream and black linen.

Block printed with super cover white print paste and silver foils. Machine embroidery, vintage mother of pearl buttons.

Vintage Textile Pictures

“Far away long time ago”

Vintage fabric ,pearl buttons ,lace braid and toile fabric. Hand stitched.

“Exotic place"

Antique textile fragments, lace, embossed velvet and brass sequins. Hand stitched.

“Victorian lady” – Detail

Vintage fabric and lace. Block printed background. ‘Face’ printed on computer from a Victorian painting. Hand stitched.

Domestic Bliss Exhibition

All artworks are using vintage fabric, doyleys’ and hand embroidery. 2005

From top

“Bird in Flowers”

“Yellow teapot”

“Salome by the window”

Golden Phoenix Costume

Exhibition at Fairfield City Gallery 2007

Full length picture of costume at the exhibition

Materials and methods

Hand painted, screen and block printed foiled and stencilled metallic powders onto cotton canvas fabric

Bottom Picture

Detail of collar showing foil detail.


Fading memory
Etching on calico. Appliquéd calico. 1978

Block printed scarf detail
Showing overprinting using the same block in a different colour with printed edge detail. 2008

Golden Phoenix
Detail of printed cloth. 2007



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