Current Life Members

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Inga Hunter

Inga played a crucial role in the establishment of the Batik Association, from which ATASDA grew. She was awarded Life Membership in 1984.

Helen and Eardley Lancaster

Helen and Eardley were involved in ATASDA  for decades. Helen organised activities and served as Publicity Officer in 1988-99. Eardley took many of the photographs in the ATASDA archive.  They were awarded Life Membership together in Feb 1994.

Lynne Taylor

Lynne was made Life Member in 2007. Lynne has served in many volunteer roles within ATASDA, starting from her very first meeting. She worked as Editor of fibreline for seven years and she also held the role of Advertising Manager. Lynne has also been a member of the National Committee.

Kirry Toose

Kirry was made Life Member in 2008

Sharyn Hall

Made a Life Member in 2009, Sharyn was involved in the creation of what has become the Queensland Branch of ATASDA from the very first discussion/planning meeting in Brisbane in March 2005. Sharyn acted as Chairperson of the caretaker committee that formed to bring ATASDA activities to Queensland.

In 2007 when the Queensland Branch become a formal reality, Sharyn became its inaugural President. In addition to her work in Queensland, Sharyn has served ATASDA members at a National level. She contributed as an ATASDA committee member under the previous constitution, and was been National Vice President for two years under the new ATASDA structure.

Sharyn remains generous with her time and skills, and with her knowledge and understanding of textile arts in the Australian context. In 2008 and 2009 Sharyn was responsible for major events in ATASDA's calendar which resulted in great acclaim and recognition for ATASDA and our members - the ATASDA involvement in the Textile Arts Festival, and the Exotica series of exhibitions.

Janet De Boer, O.A.M.

Janet was made a Life Member in 2009. Janet has supported ATASDA since 2005 at the beginnings of what became the Queensland Branch. Janet was a founding member, provided a venue for general meetings in the initial stages of formation and a venue for Committee meetings until 2008. She attends meetings and promotes the members and activities of ATASDA at every opportunity, through her role in TAFTA.

Her work for our organisation is ongoing and long term. She consistently supports Queensland members who exhibit their work at Gallery 159 and other venues, features ATASDA members in TAFTA publications and has offered ongoing access to ATASDA members to her extensive research resources. Janet has also worked with NSW Branch in co-operative ventures providing scholarship support to textile artists.

Jocelyn Glencross

Jocelyn was an extremely able administrator for the organisation. She served as Secretary from 1986 til 2002, during which time the organisation changed from the Batik Association to ABASDA, the Batik and Surface Design Association, to the ABASDA., Australian Batik and Surface Design Association (reflecting the broader range of members) and ultimately to ATASDA. She was awarded Life Membership in July 2003, in recognition of her hard work and service to ATASDA.

Nola Archer

Lynne Britten

Carolyn Cabena

Past Life Members

Klin Sullivan

Klin was an early member of  the organsation, serving as President of the Batik Association in 1978-79. Treasurer of BASDA, Batik and Surface Design Association, in 1984,  and President of BASDA, 1985-1986. She was very involved in organising exhibitions and activities for the organisation. She was awarded Life Membership for her service in September 1988.

Eve Von Willer

Eve was an early member of the Batik Association, and was very involved in the running of exhibitions and events. She served as editor of the newsletter in 1979 and workshops coordinator in 1985-6. Eve was awarded Life Member ship in September 1988.

Doris Lees
10 June 1926 - 22 September 2008


Doris Lees, Life Member of ATASDA, passed away in September 2008. An ATASDA member for 20 years, Doris was all that ATASDA and the Textile community represented. Her passing left a void in the ATASDA family.

A profile of Doris, written by Penel Bigg and first published in fibreline in December 2003 can be read here.

A personal tribute by Vishna Collins can be read here.



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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