Inspired by May

Sydney North Heritage Centre, Stanton Library, North Sydney
Thursday 14 February 2008 - Sunday 4 May 2008

Nutcote invited ATASDA members to participate in a joint exhibition to celebrate May Gibbs' life and work. Gibbs and her work are worldwide Australian icons. Fifty-five works were created by members of ATASDA.

Banksia Serratta "Ocka Puringah"

This Banner is a collaborative piece - 25 sections worked by 25 members.

ATASDA members Australia wide were invited to enter a ballot and, if drawn, a section of a prepared digital image, a piece of an old 100% pure Australian merino wool Onkaparinga blanket make in Australia, and a colour printout of their section with details was posted to them.

Members were not restricted to specific techniques or introduced materials but their section had to be 15cm square when complete and part of the blanket they received needed to be used somewhere in their section.

The prepared digital image was of an Old Man Banksia (banksia serrata) flower, leaves and branch. The work was inspired by May Gibbs' stories of Banksia Men.


Row 1: Val James; Erica Portelli; Gloria Muddle; Gail Stahmer; Di Turner

Row 2: Lynne Sharpe; Kirry Toose; Jill Bingham; Helen MacRitchie; Lynne Taylor

Row 3: Sue Bellantonio; Judy Nolan; Christine Okunew; Norma Warnecke; Sue McCuiag

Row 4: Barbara Schey; Yvonne Eade; Kaite Matilda; Collaboration; Des Foster

Row 5: Judi Crawford; Maz Beeston; Christine Wiltshier; Terry Patterson; Christine Cox

Banner assembled by Kirry Toose

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The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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