2014 marked ATASDA’s seventh exhibition at the Palm House Gallery, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney over a 10-year association. This Palm House exhibition tradition allows ATASDA’s members the opportunity to create new and original artworks, meeting high expectations to reflect ATASDA’s developing approach to exhibition. 2014 also marked an ATASDA celebration, its 40th anniversary in Sydney, with Future . . . Past at Palm House, a non-juried group exhibition open to all ATASDA members nationally. Some may never have exhibited their work before; others are known nationally and internationally.

Over 60 members Australia wide participated in Future . . . Past.
Expectations were extremely high! It was anticipated large numbers of viewers would be drawn to and ‘turnout’ for Future . . . Past. Expectations were met.

ATASDA NSW pro-actively promotes Palm House exhibitions within the arts community, including advertising in the Art Gallery of NSW’s ‘Look’ magazine and website; ‘Art Almanac’ and other social media all the time promoting and keeping updated with ideas and discussion through NSW’s blog www.fibretribe.blogspot.com
Future . . . Past was no exception.Future . . . Past wanders through childhood memories, travel recollections, world events, country strolls and more. Members works expressed what was most important in their past, which then echoed and influenced the future – using their skill and fibre art. ATASDA was on show! Traditionally, Palm House exhibitions feature a large focal banner or sign. For Future . . . Past, ATASDA members were invited to participate in a unique collaboration – a Hoop Installation. Once up, the afternoon sun streaming through the Hoop Installation was breathtaking.

Palm House openings are always lively events and special Guest Wendy Whiteley –a major drawcard – opened Future . . . Past  at afternoon tea in the Palm House gallery on Saturday, 16 August 2014 at 2pm.

ATASDA members can be proud of Future . . . Past.


Bev Chow, There's Always Time for TeaSue Ford, Colours of My LifeDiane Groenewegen,My Old SkirtFiona Hammond, Dancing Platter
Mary Hedges, Gum CapsKay A Joyce, RainforestKatherine Kachor, Living in a Marimekko WorldDenise Lithgow, The Link
Gail MacDonald, Aide MemoirHelen MacRitchie,Barbara McLennan, A Touch of the BluesRory Meyers, I Thought It Looked Like Fun



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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