…a travelling suitcase exhibition!


So what’s a travelling suitcase exhibition?
The concept is simply an exhibition in a suitcase

The suitcase was filled with up to twenty textile artworks, and 30 tiles made from materials kits, and a folder of artists’ statements. These techniques sheets included the artist’s inspiration and basic instructions for one technique used in the work. It was an amazing resource for teachers and a source of inspiration for other textile artists.

The exhibition was free to all. The only cost was transport costs to the next venue, by Australia Post registered mail. This was the fourth travelling suitcase exhibition mounted by ATASDA. The two suitcases of the third exhibition, The Maharajah’s Garden, travelled all over Australia, from March 2010 until February 2012. Marrakesh travelled from Mar 2012 to February 2014.

Marrakesh - the theme

Take an exotic journey along the trade routes of North Africa to the ancient city of Marrakesh, a place of richness and intense colour, where cultures meet. Wander through the souk within the ancient walls of the medina quarter, with its snake charmers, heaped spices, acrobats, secluded riads and tiled minarets. Take the ancient trade routes across the fabled Atlas Mountains. Imagine the colours, the scents, the stories and myths, the magic of Morocco’s Red City, Marrakesh.

Exhibition Pieces


 Each suitcase contained about twenty exotic and vibrant textile works in a range of different media.


Artworks "Marietta from Marrakesh" (left, by Helen Whelan) and "YSL Summer Villa" (right, by Toni Ivering).

The works were light but robust (to withstand the travelling process), ranging in size from 15cm square to 120cm x 200cm. They could be displayed both flat and/or hanging to suit the individual requirements of the exhibition recipients.

Collaborative Tiles Project

In addition, visitors were enticed into the exhibition with colourful and eye-catching individually-designed tiles, that could be attached together to form a flexible collaborative display. Made from kits to a standard shape and size, the tiles demonstrated the very individual work that textile artists can do, from the same starting point.
An example of the Tile artworks by Denise Lithgow (left) and Pamela Priday (right).
Booking the Marrakesh exhibition

Marrakesh was a complete textile art exhibition in a suitcase. From March 2012, it was available for loan to schools, groups and communities across Australia. Recipients did not need to be a member of ATASDA.

Along with the individual exhibition pieces, the tiles and the techniques sheets, the suitcase contained cotton gloves for handling the artworks, a catalogue list of works and tiles to be copied for visitors to the exhibition, and a guest book.

The only cost was the registered postage to the next venue. Generally, bookings were arranged geographically as much as possible, to minimise postage costs, and often our suitcases had five-start treatment, chauffeured to their next destination.





Christine Linton, Debbie Achurch, Deb Clarke, Denise Lithgow,
Elizabeth Roberts, Elaine Witton, Gloria Muddle, Helen Whelan,
Julee Jones, Kerryn Taylor, Lesley Rippon, Maz Beeston,


Angela LiddyBeverley ChowBetty Le GrosCarolyn Rogers
Carmel SchneiderElizabeth RobertsHeather Hallinan
Jo BaileyKathy HawkinsKathryn IliffLesley Rippon



Beverley Chow, Beverley ChowBarbara McLennan, Cindy Cooper,
Carol Hoh, Carol Hoh (detail)Cheryl Plowman, Helen Whelan,
Jenni Kirkham, Jeanette Lambert, Jo Le Cheminant, Kim Ende,


Antonia ValentineBridget FairchildCindy CooperDebbie Achurch
Deb ClarkeDenise LithgowDot OsborneDorothy Stone
Julee JonesJenni KirkhamKaroline CummingKathryn Geldard



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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