Creative Spaces by ATASDA... be inspired!

ATASDA NSW will be organising a feature stand at the Craft and Quilt Fair, Darling Harbour, Sydney Wednesday 20 –  Sunday 24 June, 2018.

We will again be at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre, and are inviting all members across Australia to be involved. For now, we are asking members to start work on items for the display.

The theme is ‘Creative spaces by ATASDA – be inspired’ – a chance for the public to take a ‘sneak peak’ into a textiles artist’s studio space.

We are asking members to create both 2D and 3D works in whatever medium you prefer – be it paper, felt, fibre, wire, plant material, fabric, leather, the list goes on… We also encourage you to stitch, print, dye, embellish, weave, spin, knot, bead, twine or create work in whichever technique you enjoy. We have a very open brief for members to ‘play’ in the area you enjoy, to showcase the beautiful work you do.

Following the success of Magical Creatures… and where to make them, we are again hoping to have a space that really comes alive, while showcasing a wide range of skills and techniques.

Some suggestions

Works can be wall hung, framed, sculptural forms, millinery, jewellery, accessories, furnishing items, sculpture, basketry, wearables, artisan books, ornamental, embellished,… the list goes on..

About the display –

Imagine a series of creative workspaces photographed, enlarged and framed, featuring materials and tools of the trade for any number of textile or surface design applications. Then accompany images of the workspace with handcrafted items members have made to display.

To illustrate: a felting studio space will feature felted works from nuno scarves and sculptural hats to 3D vases and handbags. A workspace that may only be a corner of the kitchen table showing a bone folder, thread and needle will be accompanied by artisan books and stitched works on paper. Thus forming a connection to the process and product and giving visitors to the show, an ‘insiders view’ into an ATASDA artist studio. There is a lot of scope for this theme, with the inclusion of process journals, moodboards, sketchbooks, sampling, finished pieces and artworks on the wall.

There are very few restrictions.

  • Items must not be very fragile. In this setting they may be touched by visitors.
  • Please think about how your item will be displayed. If it is to be hung or pinned to the wall, please include attachment points that will take the weight.
  • We can accommodate SOME works on plinths. Please email us as space will be limited.
  • Items need to be portable and packaged in a way that they can be stacked safely with other works.
  • If your item is very large, you may be asked to deliver and collect it yourself from the venue. Talk to us.

Forms and more details will be on the ATASDA website in the New Year. Updates will be sent to members via enews.

The main collection will at the 2 June Quarterly Meeting at Dence Park, Sydney, but it will be possible to post work in. Details to follow. We have some vacancies on the committee. If you would like to be involved or would like more  information contact:



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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