Card Making Social Day

At our October Social day, in support of our Palm House exhibition Façade, we are once again..

making our fantastic cards!

 When: Wednesday, 4 October 10am – 3pm

Epping Creative Centre
Dence Park
26 Stanley Rd, Epping NSW

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  • Scissors (for cutting paper and fabric)
  • pencil
  • ruler

Optional (only if you have them):

  • Cutting mat
  • scalpel
  • rotary cutter and quilter's ruler
  • sewing machine (with free machining foot) – only need about 4,
  • black sewing thread

Email here for more information 

Note: Show and Tell, traders, freebies (always welcome) and library open on 4 October.

Palm House 2018 Sales Area

Presentation of works or sample/s of work for the Sales Area of the exhibition will be also considered at the Social Day on 4 October. Three PH2018 Committee reps will discuss your proposed works with you privately in a booked room at the centre. A ticket system will ensure you don't have to stand in a queue.

Make sure your sale works:
- Represent the theme of the exhibition – The Space IN Between
- Are priced to sell between $50 – 500 (include 25% for ATASDA NSW in your sale price to cover exhibition costs)
- Are of excellent quality and original – no workshop pieces please
- Present packaging if necessary for your item/s (boxes, etc) and be prepared to discuss display of works –

Sale works limited to 5 – 10 items but  you may be asked to bring in more works over the PH2016 exhibition period, if your work is selling well. It is expected viewers will be numerous due to Vivid Festival in Sydney.

Note: If you are unable to make this date, please send clear images of works, with good lighting no and distracting backgrounds, for consideration to the Palm House email address by 2 October.



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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