Cabinet of Curiosities . . . for small intriguing Textile objets d'art

A cabinet of curiosities was an encyclopaedic collection in Renaissance Europe of types of wondrous and exotic objects, whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined.

ATASDA NSW had the glass display cabinet, for a display of small intriguing Textile objets d'art, in the foyer of Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park for November 2013-January 2014.

This fabulous opportunity promoted Textile Arts and Surface Design to all who used the centre, plus the cabinet enabled active promotion of our Workshops and Tasters through member works.


Angela Liddy, Inchies. (embroidery cotton wrapping in complementary colours)Anne Foy. Low Tide, First Light (felting, stitching, dyeing. merino wool, silk, recycled fabrics)Anne Schmitz, bowl and book (handmade felt, paper)Barbara Schey, Agora. (hand tied miura shibori on gold lame)
Dinah Beeston, Creepy Crawlies. (covers from Elaine Witton, Nor All That Glistens, Gold. (hand lettering, stitching, beads)Elaine Witton, The Pearl Fishers (mounted hand lettering)Frances Brown, Three Rare and Valuable Seedpods (felt, frayed silk, silk fabric, cotton fabric, seed pods)
Gloria Muddle (recycled materials)Inga Hunter, The Love Poem. (crocheted dyed silk, handpainted paper, coconut shell beads, toy mouse ears, lead tops of Spanish wine bottles)Jo Bailey, Camelot (painted and heated tyvek, commercial fabrics, beads, metallic thread stitching, painted plywood base)Kay Murray, Banksia Seeds. (freeform crochet embellished with hand embroidery)



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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