As You Like It!

A Round Robin for ATASDA NSW
The challenge As You Like It was a Round Robin for groups of six. Each group member, ‘the owner’, started the Round Robin by deciding on theme, preparing an inspiration folder (decorated/embellished) and choosing a base fabric. These 5 base squares of fabric (20 x 20cm each) along with the inspiration folder are mailed to the same member in their group monthly. Once the 5 base squares were mailed around the group and completed (each group member having completed one square of each owner’s project) squares were mailed back to their owner. The owner prepared a sixth square and made something – anything – of their choice. Members accept any square they made may be re-worked (cut up, added to, etc) by the owner as part of the condition of Round Robin.
Each group member included notes, sketches, general scribbles on their approach to the owner’s theme. The owner then received a ‘brimming’ folder –a wonderful resource.

Lynne Britten, Round Robin Coordinator, thanks all participants in the challenge and hopes something was learnt, members met (online or in person) and made an object to remember the challenge by. 

Photo Gallery

Cindy Cooper book City, coverCindy Cooper book CityKay Murray for Cindy CooperCindy Cooper book City
Barbara McLennan for Cindy CooperMargaret Millar for Cindy CooperJo le Cheminant for Cindy CooperKerry Shelberg for Cindy Cooper
Cindy Cooper book CityCindy Cooper book CityRobin McPherson for Val DuncanSandra Shaw for Lynne Britten



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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