The Australian Textile Arts & Surface Design Association Inc, known as ATASDA, is a non-profit and volunteer-run organisation. Our objectives are:

  • To promote, foster, develop & advance textile and fibre arts
  • To promote interaction and co-operation between textile artists and all artists using dyes, pigments, stitch and/or manipulative techniques for fibre and fabric decoration
  • To conduct and promote lectures, discussions, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops, or any other activity designed to instruct or promote textile art
  • To do all other things as the Association may deem to be directly or indirectly conducive to the above objects or any of them.

Our logo

Design: Marie-Therese Wisniowski

Our logo contains the following symbolic elements.

  • The black square represents a piece of cloth. Inside the square is a needle which refers to the historical and traditional skills inherent in the creation of textile art. 
  • It highlights the sharing, continuous learning and mastering of techniques over the centuries.

The needle represents the simplest of tools in a creative process. The needle is reflected by a paintbrush "outside the square". The paintbrush depicts the creative nature of textile art and surface design. By appearing "outside the square", the paintbrush also highlights the innovative nature of contemporary cloth art.

The white 'thread' lines inside the square act as a direct reference to the creation of textile art and surface design. Using the black square as a cloth base for the artist's work,the 'thread' lines symbolize machine embroidery, hand painting, digital imaging and other techniques employed in creating the sumptuous and embellished textures of surface designs. The 'thread' lines flow out of the square and so highlight the continuing, connectivity, development, passion and spirit of ATASDA textile artists to a greater artistic movement.

The logo therefore attempts to capture the commitment of ATASDA members to this most exciting and challenging art form of the new millennium.


In 2006 ATASDA's constitution was amended to allow the formation of state-based branches and of groups. Three branches have been formed so far, in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia.

The organisation continues to evolve, as the new roles and responsibilities are clarified. Currently State Presidents usually also serve on the National Committee, promoting communication and close co-ordination.


All ATASDA members are members of the National organisation. There is a National Committee, whose responsibilities include:

  • overall co-ordination, direction and management of ATASDA
  • membership registration
  • fibreline - the quarterly newsletter
  • fibrenet - the member discussion list
  • national exhibitions
  • library
  • website
  • groups and activities in states where no branch exists
  • insurance and other business services


The purpose of branches is to allow local organisation of activities. Each branch has a committee, responsible for:

  • quarterly member meetings
  • social meetings and activities
  • workshops
  • branch exhibitions
  • challenges and swaps
  • groups within the state

Generally branch activities are open to all ATASDA members. Those who wish to participate actively in organisational aspects of the branch, such as speaking during a business meeting or taking a volunteer role, must join the branch. There is no additional fee, but an signed application form is required.


Groups are five or more members of ATASDA with shared interests - the same geographic area, or a particular textile technique, or a desire for a focused critique group... ATASDA can provide advice, assistance and support services (such as insurance cover, space on the website, planning lists for running meetings or curating etc), but it is up to the group members to plan and run their activities.

If you are interested in forming a group, contact one of your committee members to discuss your ideas. Groups fit under State Branches in our structure, depending on the location of the members. If there is no State Branch, then National can assist.


ATASDA offers members a range of benefits - click here to find out how to join.



The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.