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Congratulations! You must be very interested in textiles, perusing all the valuable information on this ATASDA website. Now you have found our ATASDA NSW branch information and you are wondering what ATASDA NSW is actually like?  

ATASDA NSW's committee for 2013/14 is a great mix of new members and the die-hards, like myself. We are an enthusiastic team, and we will happily and blatantly call on the expertise from past committee members and anyone who wants to engage with ATASDA members and our mutual love of textiles. We are working together trying to create a grown-up“playgroup” in Textiles, not wanting to get bogged down in rules - we want to be too creative for those!.  

We in ATASDA NSW are an eclectic mix – young and old, experienced and “newbie” artists ..... and all of us joined ATASDA looking for a sense of community encompassing our love of all things textile and arty.   Our NSW membership is steadily growing and it's due to the amazing array of opportunities and activities that are on offer. The initiatives that NSW has undertaken are numerous, it's astounding to witness our members’ commitment and dedication to making ATASDA NSW as exciting as it is.  

Here is a brief overview of what's happening within ATASDA NSW.  

FibreTribe, the NSW Blog- with its focus on what happening within NSW. It has NSW Branch information, success stories, notification of exhibitions of interest, comments/info/stories from members, with a wider audience outside NSW Branch and the Association. Feedback can be given to blog postings and members can link to FibreTribe and receive postings as an email. Part of its success is in working in conjunction with Enews, which is received as an email by all NSW member residents, giving information from NSW Committee about Branch activities, events, reminders, challenges, round robins, etc. It is an electronic 'flyer' from NSW Committee and it's recommended that members file them for their reference.
These two forms of communication are definitely breaking down the distance barriers for some of our more isolated members, along with Fibrenet, a Yahoogroup for conversation between registered members to connect them Australia wide for requests/info/comment on textile related topics.

Darling Harbour 2014 - now Glebe Island, with the traditional ATASDA NSW Stand

Palm House Exhibition 2014- ' Future...Past '   August 2014, our big NSW initiative at a National level

Our Twilight Series of evening activities kicked off with a talk from Chris Stone in April.

The Artists Loft- an ATASDA NSW Group who exhibited in Hornsby's Festival of the Arts 2013

Fabrikus- another ATASDA NSW Group, who exhibited at Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre during the Festival of Arts 2013.

Mudgee's Feast of the Senses-  4 day retreat in 2014. As the name suggests, we will be exploring the sights, tastes, sounds, smells and textures of the Mudgee district, using them as inspiration for our individual Art Practice.

Fragment Encore- a web-based exhibition.

Plus, As You Like It - a continuing round robin, unveiled at our March meeting.

Workshops - the 2014 program is available and workshops are filling fast.

The Library is a remarkable asset for not only NSW, but National as well.

Grants Committee- Bendigo Bank has generously continued with its sponsorship, with a donation of $1,000, supplementing  the other monies raised. This Award is a great enticement for all of NSW members to explore new and exciting avenues in their Art practice.  

 I am extremely proud to be part of this working community within ATASDA NSW, and although I may not have named all the individuals, we couldn't function without everyone's commitment.   Through ATASDA, we have created our own Textile Tribe and you are invited to come along. Visit us at either a Branch Meeting or a Social Day, browse and borrow from our extensive textile library and find out for yourself what an enthusiastic and friendly bunch we are. I do hope you come and visit, try a Textile Taster, expand your repertoire in textiles through Workshops, participate in a Swap or create something for the Palm House Exhibition. The opportunities available through ATASDA are varied and suitable for all ages and skills. Let's face it- it's all fun as you learn, it’s a great opportunity to make new friends and provides the facility to exhibit your artwork.  

A big welcome from ATASDA NSW Committee!  

Kirry Toose, President


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The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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