Fragment Encore

 ATASDA NSW Challenge

Palm House 2012 closed the doors on a successful Fragment exhibition. Volunteer, entrant, purchaser, viewer, or new member to ATASDA – Fragment . . . for whatever reason . . . 'lit' a flame in members.
In response to Fragment ATASDA NSW opened a different type of challenge for all financial members anywhere to exhibit work (no entry fee) to peers. A prize incentive (prize winner determined by peer vote) and an option to donate work to a Silent Auction made this challenge attractive to members. Monies raised from the auction went to support NSW’s Skills Development Grant.
Online viewing, voting, a prize and a Silent Auction were aspects of Fragment Encore that added excitement and engagement to this ATASDA Challenge.
The work voted winner of the Fragment Encore prize ‘pot’ was …….for………
ATASDA NSW thanks Kirry Toose, Lynne Britten (Batik Oetoro), Diane Groenewegen, Fiona Hammond and NSW Committee for contributions to the prize ‘pot’.
Enjoy viewing Fragment Encore works – now with maker attribution.


Gloria Muddle 1Gloria Muddle 1, detailGloria Muddle 2Gloria Muddle 2, detail
Gloria Muddle 3Gloria Muddle 3, detailFiona HammondFiona Hammond, detail




The above member artworks are a selection of examples from our Galleries.


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